Ready to reimagine the future?

    Boeing University Innovation Leadership Development Program (BUILD 2019)
    Application deadline: 10th June, 2019

    Boeing India’s unique aerospace innovation, leadership and talent development program

    What do we want to achieve?


    talented young entrepreneurs into future leaders


    success rates of student entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups


    entrepreneur engagement with the innovation ecosystem and with corporates

    About BUILD 2019

    The Boeing University Innovation Leadership Development Program is Boeing India’s unique aerospace innovation, leadership and talent development program; designed for students and budding entrepreneurs. BUILD aims to help the young innovators of today shape their ideas into disruptions of tomorrow.

    KIIT TBI and Boeing are jointly engaged with innovators in east and northeast region to help them get the necessary knowledge and expertise to refine their ideas and develop investor pitches.


    We bring you an opportunity to


    Ideas ready for lift-off?

    We are looking for teams with outstanding and innovative ideas to solve problems in the following fields:
    Deadlines for submitting applications is 10th June and if selected, you will hear from us by 17th June.

    Who can apply

    So, who is eligible to apply to the BUILD program? It’s simple. If you and your team (maximum 3 members) qualify under any of the categories below, go right ahead!


    Students who have completed at least 2 years of an undergraduate course or are enrolled in a Master’s or PhD program, or are postdoctoral researchers

    Applications from professors are also accepted if there are students on the team.


    Entrepreneurs or Startups in ideation stage (with an idea but without funding or an associated product and customers)

    Note: Team sizes are limited to 3 per team with no more than 1 Professor per team

    Program Timeline

    The BUILD program offers student teams and early-stage start-ups extensive support in its acceleration program over the course of 5 months.


    1. What should we choose as our region?
    If you are a student, choose the region in which your college is located. If your team has students from more than one college in more than one region, please choose a region where most of your team goes to college.If you are a start-up, choose the region where you live and work.
    2. We are not sure our idea fits into one of the BUILD themes. Should we still apply?
    3. What are you looking for in our application?
    4. Can we include links with our application?
    5. Is there any course fee?
    6. We are a startup but are not sure if we qualify for applying. Should we apply?
    7. If selected, what can I expect in terms of help for my team or startup?
    8. What is my time commitment for BUILD?
    9. We have more than one idea. Can we submit more than one application?
    10. Will I get a chance to work at Boeing or at our partner Incubators?
    11. Are there more specific dates available for the events?
    12. We have a great idea but are not technical. Can we still apply?

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